Importers and Exporters of Classic Race Machinery


I was born into a world of racing motorcycles. My late father was an avid collector of some of the best racing machines produced - from the 1907 Rem Fowler Norton which one the first ever TT racers at the Isle of Man to the supercharged Velocette Roarer.

I started racing in 1972 aged 16 on a vintage Triumph and went to do some of the home international meetings on Yamaha TZs in 1978. By the 1980s I started buying and selling racing machines from my era, specialising in those from 1960 onwards with a special interest in Japanese road & racing machinery. I began exporting machines to Japan and the USA in 1983 and I have since sold over 180 Honda Monkey Bikes back to Japan such as the Honda CZ100 and Z50M. I have also exported many twin cylinders such as the Honda CB92 125cc Benly Sport, CB72 250cc and CB77.

My real passion has been racing machines. I managed to clinch a deal by locating a very rare Honda RC144 125cc 1960 twin cylinder factory machine - the only one ever produced - from an English collector that went to a good collector friend in Japan.

To date I have bought and sold over 2000 road and racing machines such as :

  • AJS 7R 350cc
  • BSA Gold Star
  • Cagiva V4 500cc two stoke ex-Randy Mamola
  • Ducati 250-998cc
  • Honda CZ100, CR110, CR93, CB most models
  • RC144-NS500 ex-Freddie Spencer/Ron Haslam
  • Kawasaki A1R 250, H1R500, KR500 ex-Kork Ballington
  • Matchless G50
  • MV Agusta 125cc SOHC/DOHC, 250/350/750cc
  • Mondial 125/250cc DOHC
  • Norton 350/500cc International and Manx from 1930-1962
  • Norton Challenge 750cc, Cosworth 750cc
  • Parilla 125cc
  • Rudge 250/350/500cc
  • Suzuki TR50/250/500cc, RG500 ex-Barry Sheene 1975 to ex-Jonny Rea MK12 1986
  • Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc to Grand Prix 500cc
  • Vincent Comet 500 and 1000cc Shadows

By far the most popular bikes have been the racing Yamahas. I have sold more of these than all the other machines put together.

  • 125cc 1960-1992
  • 250cc 1962-1996 including a Kenny Roberts 250cc
  • 350cc 1970-1980
  • TZ500 TZ750

Export is the biggest part of my business with monthly trips into Europe - mainly Italy, the home of fine motorcycles and some very passionate collectors. Japan is my biggest region in the east and USA in the west. I have sent machines to most regions of the globe!

I organise all shipping at cost to make your purchase easy. If it was made I will try to find it, I have collectors worldwide and I can help you to achieve your dreams by finding that special machine.